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Illamasqua Naked Strangers Collection for Summer 2012

Makeup label Illamasqua has launched a new gorgeous collection for you to sparkle in the sun. Filled with cool nail varnishes, shiny lip glosses and lovely blushes, the newest Illamasqua Naked Strangers Collection for summer 2012 seems to target bolder fashionizers, who love to have fun with their makeup. As Alex Box, the creative director […]

Essence Fruity Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

As you may remember from our fashion report about the new season trends, the new spring/summer season is all about candy colors. They contain some purity, some childish allure and freshness in them. Actually, it’s not only the fashion industry that has been heavily influenced by this trend this season, but also makeup. One of […]

MAC In Extra Dimension Makeup Collection

Makeup is the secret weapon of every woman in defining her best features, and if it’s done correctly, makeup can even add some extra dimension to your style. Actually, this idea is the main focus of the latest makeup collection coming from MAC Cosmetics. Titled In Extra Dimension, the newest MAC makeup line features a […]

Dolce & Gabbana Khol Collection for 2012

Alongside subtle, natural hues, the new season makeup trends also concentrate on highly pigmented makeup products that aim to accentuate beauty and seductiveness. One of the makeup brands that has got inspired by this trend is Dolce & Gabbana, which has concentrated specifically on the eyes and nails in its latest makeup collection signed Kohl. […]

Clinique Almost Lipstick Spring 2012 Collection

Clinique is making sure you never lack high quality, innovative products by paying attention to the lip makeup this spring. Make sure your lips are coated with the right formula to look ultra-luscious and alluring this season by drawing inspiration from the amazing natural hues delivered by the amazing Clinique Almost Lipstick formula. The legendary […]

Bourjois Colorissimo Lip Palette Collection 2012

Spring is rapidly closing in and more and more beautiful makeup collections are getting released. If you are all about emphasizing your lips, you’ll certainly like the latest offerings coming from the renowned label, Bourjois. The Bourjois Colorissimo Lip Palette Collection 2012 brings three vibrant color combos that will guarantee the sultry, flawless look of […]

Hello Kitty Mon Amour Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

The most famous and loveliest cat in the world, Hello Kitty is always synonymous with success, as it’s loved by many children and not only. It is actually the most perfect combination of softness, femininity, glamour and cuteness, therefore it’s no surprise that her little face appears almost everywhere, from games to couture designs, jewelry […]

Anna Sui Rose Fairy Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

The new season makeup trends have already been set and they are all about beauty and freshness. There are lots of pastel, flower garden inspired makeup products that will guarantee your sophisticated, feminine and sensual look this spring/summer. One of the fashion designers, who turned her attention towards this theme is Anna Sui. The latest […]

NARS Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

Updating your style for the new season ahead in advance can definitely lead to dazzling results. This is a well-known fact that all fashion and makeup designers follow, presenting their new collections months before the new season will arrive, this way giving women new reasons for excitement and stimulating the numerous creative style options. This […]

Guerlain ‘Les Roses Et Le Noir’ Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

Flowers seem to symbolize not only the blossoming season of spring, but they are also ideally inspirational as far as makeup goes. For the upcoming spring 2012 season, world renowned label Guerlain turned to exactly this source of inspiration for creating its new makeup collection titled ‘Les Roses Et Le Noir’ that perfectly meets the […]