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Bobbi Brown Holiday 2012 Collection and Gift Sets

We are in the cold season now and the next big even is Christmas. It’s never early to start getting ready for the holiday season and makeup artist Bobbi Brown is also of this opinion. Launching the newest limited edition Bobbi Brown holiday 2012 makeup collection and gift sets, she inspires fashionizers to look gorgeous […]

MAC Office Hours Collection for Fall 2012

It’s every woman’s duty to look perfectly polished and beautiful at office. This is the secret recipe to the career success too! MAC Cosmetics takes care you always shine at the office by launching the new MAC Office Hours Fall 2012 Collection. Filled with on-trend lip glasses, eye shadows and blushes, the collection helps you […]

MAC By Request Collection for Fall 2012

Makeup craze continues! We have our faithful label MAC Cosmetic here now! The brand never ceases to bring lust-worthy, on-trend collections for modern fashionizers to help them look at their best on any occasion. Now, MAC takes us to the cold months and brings an exceptional line, MAC By Request Fall 2012 Collection, which will […]

RMK Deep Iridescence Fall – Winter 2012 Collection

Getting prepared for fall in advance is always wise, as when the cold days arrive, you have everything to update your style and look as chic as in summer. To help you look even more fashionable in the newest season, various makeup brands have already released their fall/winter 2012 collections that hint what new gorgeous […]

Illamasqua Naked Strangers Collection for Summer 2012

Makeup label Illamasqua has launched a new gorgeous collection for you to sparkle in the sun. Filled with cool nail varnishes, shiny lip glosses and lovely blushes, the newest Illamasqua Naked Strangers Collection for summer 2012 seems to target bolder fashionizers, who love to have fun with their makeup. As Alex Box, the creative director […]

Artdeco Pure Color & Style Makeup Collection for Spring/Summer 2012

Nature has served as a great source of inspiration both for makeup and fashion collections of the new spring/summer 2012 season and this fever is getting even more intense, as we can see the latest Artdeco Pure Color & Style Spring/summer2012 makeup collection. Inspired by minerals, the power of nature, this stunning makeup line has […]

Essence Fruity Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

As you may remember from our fashion report about the new season trends, the new spring/summer season is all about candy colors. They contain some purity, some childish allure and freshness in them. Actually, it’s not only the fashion industry that has been heavily influenced by this trend this season, but also makeup. One of […]

MAC In Extra Dimension Makeup Collection

Makeup is the secret weapon of every woman in defining her best features, and if it’s done correctly, makeup can even add some extra dimension to your style. Actually, this idea is the main focus of the latest makeup collection coming from MAC Cosmetics. Titled In Extra Dimension, the newest MAC makeup line features a […]

Dolce & Gabbana Khol Collection for 2012

Alongside subtle, natural hues, the new season makeup trends also concentrate on highly pigmented makeup products that aim to accentuate beauty and seductiveness. One of the makeup brands that has got inspired by this trend is Dolce & Gabbana, which has concentrated specifically on the eyes and nails in its latest makeup collection signed Kohl. […]

Bobbi Brown Rose Gold Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

It seems like renowned makeup brands have started a real competition to develop the most impressive and amazing makeup products in an array of seductive hues and textures. With a high emphasis on naturalness, most cosmetics labels go for nude, earth and rose tones, and one of the collections, which beautifully embraces this concept is […]