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How to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Most women are self-confident, stylish and they love what they are wearing, how they are styling their hair and quite often inspire others too. It’s every woman’s duty to look amazing every single day, but what to do when you feel uncertain, worthless and unflattering? The secret is that there isn’t any single woman, who […]

Rachel Zoe Offers Some Fashion Advice!

Take it or leave it. Hollywood fashion stylist turned designer, Rachel Zoe, offered some helpful fashion advice to Glamour. It’s hard for some to tolerate the massive personality stored in the tiny person Rachel Zoe it. But if you’re any type of fashionista you can trust or respect her perspective and advice in fashion. As […]

The Trend of the Season: Electric Blue

Along with floral prints, pleating, and color-blocking, a significant trend of the summer season is also electric blue. Universally flattering, a color equally bright in the afternoon sun and in the midnight haze of a night club, eclectic blue plays an irreplaceable role in a fashionable wardrobe this season. Blue is everywhere – from the […]

Useful Fashion Stylist Tips Worth Knowing

Perhaps the best things in this life are free, and the same can be said about fashion advice. Seeing celebrities always in style, we all want to imitate them, we get inspired by them, yet never hear any professional fashion advice from their stylists. Now, some of them give us the chance to dress like […]

Great Tips on How to Wear Colored Jeans

Well, who said that jeans should be in the traditional blue color? This season, we are in love with colors and trying a pair of colored jeans can help you stand out in the crowd and revitalize your summer look. Wearing colored jeans in a variety of ways will ensure your stunning look in the […]

Finding the Right Bra for a Larger Bust

For those women with large breasts, it can be quite challenging at times to find a bra that gives the appropriate amount of support yet is also comfortable. Also, this bra must look good under your clothes. When selecting a bra, always choose one for three things – comfort, support and fit. It generally is […]

Jason Wu for Target Spring 2012 Lookbook

The upcoming warm season is full of super-voguish collections and exciting collaborations and among the recent retailer designer collaborations that managed to tease fashionizers a lot and make them impatiently wait for its launch is the Jason Wu for Target spring 2012 collection. Finally the full lookbook of this attention-worthy line has been unveiled, giving […]

Fashion Tips: 5 Rules for Winter Dressing

Fashion is something most women look up to; it’s become the highlight of life of the 21st century, one of the most common conversations at dinner parties. Fashion is everywhere, but sometimes, it can be confusing and challenging. Don’t feel bad to ask for fashion advice – it doesn’t make you any less of a […]

How to Wear Red Clothes

Red has always been the color of seductiveness, passion and glamour, no matter it’s a simple red accessory, a red lipstick or all in red outfit. It’s extremely chic and luxurious, elegant and classic, but also flirty and a little bit tricky. Red has a strong power of attracting and alluring, completing your outfits, but […]

Men’s Fashion: How to Look Sharp and Stylish 24/7

Since your girl loves you to bits, she wants to see you always perfect and stylish, even when you’ve just come from the sun all in sweat after spending quite much time in the construction site. Most men aren’t keen on spending much time primping in front of the mirror or going through their wardrobe […]

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