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Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Handbags

Nothing can make your look more fabulous than a stylish handbag. It should be the best, should contain some personality and a distinctive style to finish off your look with a luxurious flair. On the hunt for the most fabulous handbags of the upcoming cold season, check out the newest Louis Vuitton fall-winter 2012-2013 handbags! […]

Ines Figaredo 4 Against 4 Handbags

If you love to make a statement by opting for innovative, exclusive products, you’ll certainly adore the latest Ines Figaredo 4 Against 4 Handbags. Bringing an array of unexpected and unusual designs, Madrid-born designer Ines Figaredo reflects her artistic side and love for handbags in every single item that is sure to make the traffic […]

Loewe Pre-Spring 2012 Bags

It’s really difficult to understand our endless obsession towards fashion accessories. Perhaps it is so, because without them no look could be considered complete, stylish and unique. And this look becomes even more outstanding and fashionable, if you go for exquisite and impressive designs. This is what the renowned Spanish label Loewe has prepared for […]

Cole Haan Spring 2012 Accessories

More and more fascinating collections are getting revealed for the upcoming bright season, and when it comes to your new season accessory choices make sure to take a glimpse at the hottest Cole Haan spring 2012 accessories. Step out of the boring boxes and embrace the colorful and funky fresh style alternatives presented by Cole […]

Marni Spring 2012 Handbags

Every woman expects a few important attributes form her handbag, mainly style, versatility and practicality. When it comes to practicality, it seems like it can hardly go with the “hot” factor, yet fashion designers do their best to constantly bring new fascinating designs that will appeal to women with different tastes. One of such labels […]

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2012 Handbags

Actually Fashion Weeks reveal not only the clothing trends for the upcoming season, but also accessory, makeup and hairstyle trends. During the latest gorgeous shows we were able to witness amazing designs, no matter it was a clothing piece, a handbag or shoes. Among the designers, who really dazzled with their new fashion vision were […]

Stylish Coach Bags 2011-2012

A practical, stylish and original handbag can always find its place in a sassy fashionizer’s wardrobe, after all various weather conditions, outfits and occasions require different styles, colors and designs. If you are one of those confident girls, who know exactly what they want from fashion, make sure to take a sneak peek at the […]

Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Bags

It’s not a secret that people judge you from what you wear. So why not make a better impression by choosing your outfits more carefully? Well, actually, it’s not only about clothing, as no look can be considered finalized without the right accessories. When it comes to new season handbag ideas, you are sure to […]

Roberto Cavalli Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Handbags

No one will get surprised seeing a great abundance of wild animal prints in any Roberto Cavalli collection, be it handbags, shoes or clothing pieces. The Tuscan designer has an incurable obsession for these chic prints and patterns, which always come to inject a modern and edgy flair into his designs. So if you have […]

Anne Hathaway for Tod’s Bags Fall 2011 Campaign

New fashion season and new celebrities are getting involved in the fashion industry. This time it’s Anne Hathaway’s turn to bewitch the world with her first ever campaign for Tod’s new Signature handbag collection. Shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott in London, Anne manages to show off her undeniable beauty and incontestable glamour, while […]

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