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The Spiritual Gangster x Amberella Collection

Fashion, Lifestyle | June 21, 2019

Spiritual Gangster introduces Amberella with a new collaboration of designs from the street artist. Amberella wears her heart on the street by sharing powerful affirmations, loving reminders and vulnerable messages where you least expect it. She began wheatpasting her power hearts in places she often passed by, and soon her art resonated with many people and creating a movement.

“Our new collaboration with Amberella aims to inspire and empower acts of self love, turning our favorite styles into a canvas to amplify her powerful messages beyond the street. The message, UR ALL U NEED, is a reminder to the wearer and everyone they see that before you can truly love others, you have to love yourself,” says Spiritual Gangster about the collection.


The three styles in the #SGxAmberella collection include UR All U Need Shrunken Tee, UR All U Need Muscle Tank, and UR All U Need Raglan Hoodie.

Get all the details, learn more about this true gangster Amberella, and shop the #SGxAmberella collection available at Spiritual Gangster.