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Versace Fall 2011 Handbags and Totes

Choosing the right types of accessories can have a great impact over your overall image and handbags are one of the most wonderful and practical pieces that can become a real style extension for your outfits. If you are looking forward to high end fashion to be able to grasp the season’s hottest trends, the latest fall 2011 Versace handbag collection is the right place for you to start, as it features both versatile and pretentious pieces that will help you impress with your style this fall. Combining fine quality and luxurious details, the new Versace fall 2011 handbags and totes are extremely wearable and practical, a real style statement in and of themselves.

A simple glance at the collection will reveal that fact that the designer has again opted for leather mainly to create sturdy, durable, high quality handbags. As for the styles featured in the collection, they are multiple, letting you pick up a practical piece with elegant touches, like those satchels, or exotic skin printed bags for those wanting to make a fashion statement and classy designs in black, white or beige for those, mainly focused on versatility.
Wild animal prints, luxurious golden notes and royalty symbols give a high dose of glamorous touch to the new Versace handbags, while the buttons, chains or subtle fringe details enhance the sophistication and femininity in them. Think deep blue or purple, if you want to create a soft and elegant look.

The fall 2011 Versace handbag collection features quite interesting and impressive designs brought through amazing texture and print styles, though the main stress is laid on functionality with a classic vibe. Make a real fashion statement, getting a durable, classic handbag with chic accents, suggested by one of the most luxurious labels – Versace!

Photo courtesy of Versace