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How to Choose the Right Bra

Your stunning appearance from outside is only half of the hard work. It’s not only your outfits, makeup and hairstyle that should be perfect, stylish and reflecting your personality. If you are a real fashionizer you should be 100 % dapper and voguish in your underwear as well. A properly chosen women’s underwear is able […]

Victoria Secret’s Little Book of Sexy Lingerie

Victoria’s Secret is every single woman’s favorite brand, which keeps on making its fans always happy presenting completely new collections full of various gorgeous lingerie designs. It has again managed to amaze the world by its fresh Little Book of Sexy collection of stunning sets of lingerie. It’s quite astounding to find that variety of […]

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010-2011

Victoria’s Secret Fashion show is one of the most desirable ladies fashion events, held every year, which attracts every woman with its sexiest, glamorous and fascinating lingerie. This is the only show on TV, which both men and women are looking forward to. On this day everybody turns on the channel of CBS to watch […]