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Topshop Sensationalist Fall 2012 Collection

Fashion | November 30, 2012

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Topshop Sensationalist Fall 2012 Collection

Dark gothic trend is extremely fashionable in the new cold season. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you should go punk and totally change your look in a frightening way. The gothic trend is about femininiy, elegance and sophistication with a dramatic vibe this season. If you really don’t understand the difference of this fashion […]

Ashish for Topshop Sportswear Collection

With the Olympics mood here, seems like the whole world is involved in sports and every single aspect of life too. Thus, the fashion industry shows off its fascinations towards sports by presenting a multitude of cool collaborations, just like the Ashish for Topshop Sportswear collection. If you have been of the opinion that loose, […]

Topshop High Summer 2012 Collection

Getting ready for the new season shopping session, we quite often take a look at the newest fashion catalogs only to see that the looks presented are quite much the same and don’t match our own style. This is certainly not the thing with the latest Topshop High Summer 2012 Collection, which covers a myriad […]

Topshop Holiday 2011 Collection

The festive season is getting closer and closer and leaving shopping for the last moment is sure to cause lots of stress and excitement. To stay away from unnecessary worries, it’s wise to look through the party offerings from various high-street and high-end brands and get your favorite pieces in advance. A nice source of […]

Topshop Unique Spring 2012 Collection – London Fashion Week

When it comes to a Topshop Unique show, you definitely expect to see The Theme, theme, which will really flood the streets immediately after the show. For their spring 2012 collection, demonstrated during London Fashion Week, the theme was Ancient Egypt, but also Elizabeth Taylor and the hip-hop scene. Featuring gorgeous designs that carried Elizabeth […]

Fall/Winter 2011/2012 Fashion Trends for Women

Fashion trends come and go, letting us experiment with something new, something incredible and sometimes even something unusual. Every season certain trends become an inspiration for famous fashion designers, to which we later on stick when choosing clothing and accessories. Even though trends must be treated individually, taking into consideration your personal style and interests, […]

Topshop High Summer 2011 Collection

Summer heat sometimes becomes just unbearable, making people sacrifice their style and wear something light and practical clothing pieces, without paying attention to fashion and style. However, with such a huge parade of stunning collections now, covering all the necessary items expressed through great style and the hottest trends, this fact is no longer an […]

Topshop Gypsy Rocker Summer 2011 Collection

With the festival season so close, it’s advised to get new body-conscious shorts and flirty tops, dapper ladies dresses and colorful accessories to rock out the hottest trends noticed on the runways. From a line of budget friendly labels, make sure not to skip the new Topshop Gypsy Rocker Summer 2011 collection. This lookbook suggests […]