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Too Faced Holiday 2011 Makeup Collection

Get ready to travel through the dream world of makeup, as the Too Faced brand has decided to open the magical doors of dreams in front of us with its new limited-edition makeup collection for the holiday 2011 season. Creative packaging, delicious colors and a unique approach make the latest Two Faced Holiday 2011 Collection […]

Too Faced Midnight in the Garden of Glamour Fall 2011 Makeup

The upcoming fall makeup trends seem to mainly focus on dark hues, which add a certain touch of drama to your look. The beauty of garden in the moonlight has inspired various makeup directors to create completely seductive, alluring and mysterious collection for fall 2011 and Too Faced is one of them. Its new makeup […]

Too Faced The Bronzed Have More Fun Summer 2011 Makeup

It’s not news that bronzed skin always looks more elegant, seductive and glamorous, than fair skin. Its specific glow easily creates a sun-kissed look, which almost all women adore. According to Too Faced, your bronzed skin will definitely have more fun in hot summer days. So take your chance to look amazing and charming anytime […]