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Winter Sun Guide to Buying Sunglasses

Lifestyle | November 14, 2012

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Winter Sun Guide to Buying Sunglasses

As summer ends it’s time to say goodbye to late sunsets, long days at the beach and banish those dodgy speedos to the back of the wardrobe where they belong. And with Jack Frost nipping at your nose you’d think it’s time to remove your sunglasses and stick them in the drawer until next year, […]

How to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Most women are self-confident, stylish and they love what they are wearing, how they are styling their hair and quite often inspire others too. It’s every woman’s duty to look amazing every single day, but what to do when you feel uncertain, worthless and unflattering? The secret is that there isn’t any single woman, who […]

What’s Your Favorite Nail Shape?

Manicure nails are a must for fashion-loving women, but keeping up with trends is only part of nail fashion. In addition to seasonal colors, designs, and embellishments, most of us have a favorite shape to our nails. There are four popular shapes to file and manicure nails: round, squared, oval, and squoval (square oval). The […]

Great Tips on How to Wear Colored Jeans

Well, who said that jeans should be in the traditional blue color? This season, we are in love with colors and trying a pair of colored jeans can help you stand out in the crowd and revitalize your summer look. Wearing colored jeans in a variety of ways will ensure your stunning look in the […]

The Trend of Neon Shoes: How to Wear Them

Neon colors have flooded the new spring/summer season. We can see neons on clothing pieces, makeup products, accessories and, of course, shoes. Besides attracting lots of attention, neon colors have a great power to liven up even the dullest wardrobe and get you into the summer groove instantly. So cheerful and vibrant, neons make women […]

Finding the Right Bra for a Larger Bust

For those women with large breasts, it can be quite challenging at times to find a bra that gives the appropriate amount of support yet is also comfortable. Also, this bra must look good under your clothes. When selecting a bra, always choose one for three things – comfort, support and fit. It generally is […]

5 Tips On How To Become Stylish Woman

Most women frequently wonder how they can become stylish. Dear ladies, first of all, it’s necessary to understand what being a stylish means actually. A stylish woman isn’t the one keenly following recent fashion trends and always appearing in fresh outfits. In fact, being stylish is more connected with individuality, which should tell much about […]

Style Tips for Looking Thinner

If you have got lots of stylish outfits and catching accessories, this will not ensure your great look in them, if you have some problems with your figure. This however doesn’t mean that you should get depressed and think it’s the end of life. Any situation has got at least two ways out. And to […]

Topshop High Summer 2011 Collection

Summer heat sometimes becomes just unbearable, making people sacrifice their style and wear something light and practical clothing pieces, without paying attention to fashion and style. However, with such a huge parade of stunning collections now, covering all the necessary items expressed through great style and the hottest trends, this fact is no longer an […]

Stylish 2011 Hair Accessories

Every woman’s beauty and charm is the reflection of her personality, interests, taste and preferences. The only thing that you can somehow change it is to pay a little bit more attention to your appearance, and in this respect even the slightest changes can be basic, including your hair, be it medium, long or short. […]

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