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Too Faced Midnight in the Garden of Glamour Fall 2011 Makeup

The upcoming fall makeup trends seem to mainly focus on dark hues, which add a certain touch of drama to your look. The beauty of garden in the moonlight has inspired various makeup directors to create completely seductive, alluring and mysterious collection for fall 2011 and Too Faced is one of them. Its new makeup […]

Spring 2011 Makeup Tips

Spring is the season of emotions and blossoms, when we all fall in love once again and smiles appear to our faces so easily. It’s the time when we are filled with hope, optimism and creativity, when we try to brighten up our lives and refresh our daily routine. It’s the right season to take […]

Lancome Noirs Perles Makeup Collection

If you are a great fan of dramatic and smoky eyes makeup, you’ll now be rejoiced to find the new amazing makeup products, offered by Lancome, which will help you experiment with different makeup styles and enhance the beauty of your eyes. The new collection of Lancome, called Lancome Noir Perles, is marked by the […]

Eye Makeup Ideas for Spring/Summer 2011

The new fashion trends, set for the upcoming season, refer not only to the clothing and fashion accessories, but also to the makeup, the best way of highlighting our beauty. If you really want to change your style into a super A-list one, pay a great attention to your makeup too. For the upcoming season, […]

Celebrity-Inspired Makeup

Everybody will agree that celebrity makeup is always perfect, glamorous and stunning. We all strive to follow the latest beauty trends and imitate this or that famous actress, singer or model, basically changing our appearances and polishing our features to perfection. If you still hesitate and don’t know which celebrity can be your “muse” to […]