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Rihanna to Launch New ”Rebelle” Fragrance

As the holidays are approaching, celebrity inspired products start to quickly expand, becoming a great Christmas gift for their fans. Besides their popular personalities that always attract lots of media attention and actively gain more and more fans, Katy Perry and Rihanna have one more thing in common, which is they both are producing a […]

Katy Perry to Launch New ‘Meow’ Fragrance

After having a great success with her first signature fragrance Purr, Katy Perry is preparing to launch her second perfume that is meant to be an extension of the first one. The new fragrance inspired by the diva will also take the feline world as its theme and will suggestively have the name Meow. Learn […]

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Day Perfume Revealed

The Royal Wedding was a great sensation and it hooked everyone’s attention for sure. There could hardly be anyone not interested in all the details of the wedding, such as Kate’s wedding gown designer, her makeup and hairstyle, the honeymoon destination of the Royal Couple and now they want to find out what perfume Kate […]