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Nicki Minaj for OPI 2012 Nail Polish Collection

Known for her bizarre and sometimes even crazy style, Nicki Minaj is making the first steps to leave a colorful mark on the beauty industry by starting a collaboration with the nail polish brand OPI. The new fun and glamorous nail polish collection from OPI signed Nicki Minaj will be unveiled early in 2012 and […]

OPI The Muppets Trendsetter Nail Polish Collection

Beauty inspiration can come from the most unexpected and surprising sources, and the famous nail polish retailer OPI is an expert in this sense. In honor of the new Disney movie, The Muppets, OPI is launching a fantastic limited edition nail polish collection, full of enchanting and alluring shades. The Muppets Trendsetter nail polish collection […]

Kardashian Kolors Nicole by OPI Nail Polishes

From fragrances to credit card deals, the Kardashians seem to be everywhere and leave their signature on a great list of products. And all their new products, especially the ones in the fashion and beauty industry, always attract a great attention. Of special interest is the latest Nicole by OPI collaboration for a K-style nail […]

OPI Summer 2011 Nice Stems! Nail Polish Collection

It seems like flower power reigns not only in fashion, but in makeup as well, which is proved by the OPI team, presenting a new line of fabulous nail polishes, inspired by a real flower garden. The candy colors and beauty of flowers easily lift the spirit, and the best way to emphasize the beauty […]

OPI Spring 2011 Texas Nail Polish Collection

The famous Nail Polish brand OPI has launched a new line of fabulous, colorful and versatile nail polishes for spring 2011, named after the American state of Texas. The OPI Texas nail polish collection seems to have been inspired by numerous countries, including Russia and Spain. Everybody can find a nail polish shade suitable for […]