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Mango Spring 2012 Accessories

Spanish label Mango has already pictured the upcoming warm season not only in terms of clothing, but also accessories, as the new Mango Spring 2012 accessory collection has been unveiled. Featuring a beautiful parade of functional handbags, killer shoes, multicolored belts and scarves, the ultra-stylish Mango Spring 2012 accessories are sure to appeal to a […]

Mango Fall 2011 City Wear Lookbook

Versatility is the key to sporting lust worthy looks this fall and the key to getting statement pieces with a high dose of versatility and a casual, yet elegant flair is the chic Mango Fall 2011 City Wear Lookbook! Simplicity, sexiness and functionality are the three principles Mango has focused on this time and the […]

Mango Color & Stripes Summer 2011 Lookbook

The latest Mango collections are so inspiring, so voguish and so captivating for every fashionizer girl, who wants to always be in the fashion radar and dazzle everyone with her unique image. This time the beloved Spanish label of many sassy girls comes with a new pleasant collection for summer 2011, called “Color & Stripes”, […]