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J. Crew Holiday 2011 Catalog

With the weather all the time changing, with different occasions and circumstances that require certain dressing codes, staying stylish at all times is more than a challenging task. However, there are some brands that always work hard to help you solve all your style dilemmas and one of such brands is J.Crew, which comes with […]

J. Crew Holiday 2011 Bridesmaid Collection

Although the cold season requires more comfortable, cozy and warm pieces, there are occasions, when you care only about the style and elegance, and one of such occasions is wedding. Elegance doesn’t ask season and temperature, as it’s timeless and powerful in bringing out your best assets and ladylike allure. So if there is a […]

J. Crew Fall 2011 Lookbook

Fall is here and will soon give its place to winter. Therefore it’s high time to start revitalizing your wardrobe with some flirty, stylish and outstanding pieces and eye-pleasing colors. Go for attention-grabbing combinations, think dazzling bright shades, playful floral prints and stripes, wild animal patterns, glittery footwear, soft neutrals, elegant cuts and the chic […]