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Hello Kitty I Love Nerds Accessories Collection

Who is the most popular feline on this earth? Definitely Hello Kitty! This cutie little kitten doesn’t stop to charm with her beautiful face and girlish bows, and it’s no surprise that more and more clothing and makeup companies collaborate with this adorable cartoon character. The latest impressive deal is the Hello Kitty I Love […]

ete! x Hello Kitty Accessories Collection

Hello Kitty obsession seems to be incurable, and since fans are so much addicted to this cartoon character, various retailers constantly release collections inspired by this sweetie kitty to satisfy the Hello Kitty hunger. Now dear Hello Kitty fans, prepare for the good news, as the ete! x Hello Kitty accessories collection has been unveiled […]

Swarovski + Hello Kitty Collection

Whenever we talk about jewelry, what we recall immediately is Swarovski crystals, and when the word goes about cute and girlish jewelry, there can be no other one better matching these words than the image of Hello Kitty, and nothing can be more perfect than the combination of these two. Famous since 1974, the lovely […]