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Guerlain ‘Les Roses Et Le Noir’ Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

Flowers seem to symbolize not only the blossoming season of spring, but they are also ideally inspirational as far as makeup goes. For the upcoming spring 2012 season, world renowned label Guerlain turned to exactly this source of inspiration for creating its new makeup collection titled ‘Les Roses Et Le Noir’ that perfectly meets the […]

Guerlain to Launch New Noir G de Guerlain Mascara

A renowned name in the fashion and beauty industry, Guerlain decided to revitalize a woman’s cosmetic products and come up with a brand new formula, a new mascara that will meet the needs of the modern woman. Noir G de Guerlain is the name of this novelty, which is certainly going to become a must […]

Guerlain Fall 2011 Makeup Collection

What describes a confident and glamorous lady better than a feminine, sensual and soft look, created with the help of a unique and fantastic makeup? It’s really easy to become a legend and you can also embrace this statement style, by taking a look at the Guerlain Fall 2011 makeup collection. Give a special place […]