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Rebecca Taylor Spring/Summer 2012 – New York Fashion Week

The hottest fashion tendencies for the upcoming warm season are getting slowly unraveled and the style options presented are as diverse as your fantasy could let it go. Rebecca Taylor debuted her spring/summer 2012 collection during New York Fashion Week on September 9th, 2011 and the looks presented are certainly worth taking a look at. […]

Mango Fall/Winter 2011/2012 Jewelry Collection

Jewelry designs have always had a great impact over fashion and style, and for the fall/winter 2011/2012 season designers have put a great weight on it. Tasteful and unique accessories have a great power of transforming any look, making even the simplest outfits look chic, so it’s no surprise that accessories have become a definite […]

Fall 2011 Color Trends: Fall/Winter 2011

In the warm seasons more or less we managed to follow the hottest fashion trends, thus looking highly stylish and dapper. What we should do now is to get acquainted with the upcoming fashion tendencies and prepare for the cold season. This time Fashionizers will take you on a journey to discover the color trends […]

Forever 21 Spring 2011 Lookbook

If you have already decided to go spring shopping, hold on to have a view of a new cheerful collection, offered by Forever 21. Make the warm season of spring mesmerizing and versatile, dive into the world of colors, fresh designing ideas and beach bunny looks. Explore the spring 2011 lookbook of Forever 21, one […]

Ralph Lauren Presents Spring/Summer 2011 Kids Fashion Collection & The RL Gang Narrated By Uma Thurman

Children are the most loved, innocent and funny creatures on this earth, who fill our lives with a sea of joy and happiness. And what is the most essential thing for the parents is to see their children always smiling, gay, neat and, why not, stylish. They spare no effort and money on them, trying […]

ESCADA Sport Spring 2011 Lookbook

Do you manage to keep up with the new spring/summer fashion trends? Have you already updated your wardrobe, like your fashionizer friends? If the questions disappointed you, just hurry up to take a glimpse at the most versatile, colorful and trendy collection, offered by the famous German brand Escada, and it’s sure to bring a […]

Berenice Spring 2011 Lookbook

It’s an entire art to always be in shape, stylish and glamorous, following the recent trends. Fashion trends tend to change so quickly, that you can hardly reach it, even running after it without a single stop. Anyways, to achieve a super sexy, glamy, A-list look, the most effective way is to check the latest […]