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Neons and Pastels for Winter 2013?

Lifestyle | November 14, 2012


The spring/ summer 2013 season was filled with all sugary pastel colors and eye-feasting neon hues. That was just such a fun to wear such colorful pieces. Especially amazing were these colors on the beach. As the cold season arrived, it, as expected, brought with it much subdued shades, such as burgundy, eclectic blue, brown, […]

Rachel Zoe Offers Some Fashion Advice!

Take it or leave it. Hollywood fashion stylist turned designer, Rachel Zoe, offered some helpful fashion advice to Glamour. It’s hard for some to tolerate the massive personality stored in the tiny person Rachel Zoe it. But if you’re any type of fashionista you can trust or respect her perspective and advice in fashion. As […]

How to Choose the Right Bra

Your stunning appearance from outside is only half of the hard work. It’s not only your outfits, makeup and hairstyle that should be perfect, stylish and reflecting your personality. If you are a real fashionizer you should be 100 % dapper and voguish in your underwear as well. A properly chosen women’s underwear is able […]

Top Ten Fashion Trends For Spring/Summer 2011

Spring is already on the way, which means you should now hurry up to get acquainted with the newest fashion trends and follow them to look fresh and stylish. What shall we see in the streets this year? If you need a piece of fashion advice, follow our list of top ten newest fashion trends […]

Leather Fashion Trend for Spring/Summer 2011

What will we encounter in the streets of the latest fashion this year? We will see lots of leather jackets, leather pants and skirts, and even leather shirts, so leather will dominate this year. This season the ageless fabrics take a more colorful, bright and cheerful turn thanks to the latest fashion trend of using […]

How To Stand Out In The Crowd?

The main characteristic feature of every single woman is her mysteriousness and own style, expressing her individuality. It is like an endless ladies fashion war between women to always be the first, unique and creative. If you still have not set your own style and need some fashion advice, follow the following useful three fashion […]