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Spring/Summer 2012 Sunglasses Trends

To always look voguish and perfectly polished you have to follow a few simple rules. First of all, you should keep up with the latest fashion trends. Second, you should know what particular style, shape and colors suit your complexion, facial features, silhouettes and personality at the best. And last but not least, you should […]

Cole Haan Spring 2012 Accessories

More and more fascinating collections are getting revealed for the upcoming bright season, and when it comes to your new season accessory choices make sure to take a glimpse at the hottest Cole Haan spring 2012 accessories. Step out of the boring boxes and embrace the colorful and funky fresh style alternatives presented by Cole […]

Burberry Prorsum Pre-Spring 2012 Lookbook

The upcoming sunny season is quickly closing in, therefore already starting planning your pre-spring wardrobe is highly recommended. A constant source of inspiration for you can serve the British chic Burberry label, which has already unveiled its newest collection for the pre-spring season. This time the creative director of the label, Christopher Bailey took some […]

Stylish Tights for Winter 2012

Tights play an important role in making one’s outfits. A pair of properly-chosen, stylish tights can make a great impact over your dress, injecting some interest and ladylike allure into your overall look. It’s especially best for women, who don’t have time to try different mix and matching possibilities for creating fashionable ensembles, as like […]

Uterqüe Resort 2012 Lookbook

Fashion is incredible, it’s fun and it’s so rapid! It’s really hard to catch up with it, yet it’s not a task for skilled fashionizers. So dear readers, if you also belong to this fashion pack, here is another fashion news for you! Spanish label Uterqüe has unveiled its resort 2012 lookbook, full of super […]

Warehouse Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 Lookbook

The time has passed away, when everyone was thinking that winter dressing is boring and gloomy. With so many great labels available, which constantly update their style with new gorgeous collections, you are sure to never feel bored even in the cold season. Check out the latest Warehouse Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 Lookbook, and you’ll completely agree […]

Karl Lagerfeld Leaked Picture of Upcoming Low Price ‘Karl’ Fashion Collection

It’s every woman’s dream to own at least one piece from a world-famous designer’s collection and it’s a double pleasure when this piece bears Karl Lagerfeld’s name on it. To make the dream of many women come true renowned fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has made it his target to create a low price fashion line […]

Mango Spring 2012 Lookbook

Although there are still months ahead until the bright season of spring, many fashion retailers have already presented their primary collection for this cheerful season for you to form some general idea about the upcoming fashion trends and start thinking of already building up your new season wardrobe. One of such brands is the Spanish […]

Juicy Couture Spring 2012 Collection

It’s never too early to start building up your new season wardrobe and it’s a double pleasure, when the word goes about the spring/summer fashion! Make it easier for you to see off the cold season and enter the new warm season in a confident and stylish way by getting acquainted with the upcoming fashion […]

Muppets x nOir Jewelry & FLüD Watches

The Muppets have managed to bring back their glory with their latest movie and they gained even more fans, who would dream to obtain every single item featuring the famous characters. This is the main reason why various makeup and fashion labels release special Muppets-inspired lines to help customers show their great admiration for their […]