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Posts tagged "Fall/Winter 2011 fashion"

BOTB Fall/Winter 2011 ‘Movers & Shakers’ Collection

Edginess with a youthful vibe isn’t necessary to find its interpretation through eye-popping shades with futuristic touches, and this is what the new BOTB fall/winter 2011 collection is trying to show. Getting inspired from the fast paced lifestyle, which is quite characteristic of our times, the lookbook takes the name “Movers & Shakers”. Take a […]

Fall 2011 Color Trends: Fall/Winter 2011

In the warm seasons more or less we managed to follow the hottest fashion trends, thus looking highly stylish and dapper. What we should do now is to get acquainted with the upcoming fashion tendencies and prepare for the cold season. This time Fashionizers will take you on a journey to discover the color trends […]