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Elie Saab Spring 2012 – Paris Fashion Week

The spring 2012 Paris Fashion Week had really a beautiful finish, as some of the most renowned fashion houses in the world showcased their masterpiece-like collections, and as far as evening wear is concerned, Elie Saab definitely attracted the most attention. Announcing the end of Paris Fashion Week, the graceful Elie Saab spring 2012 collection, […]

Elie Saab Fall 2011 RTW Collection

If you need a fashion inspiration for building up your fall attire that will be exceptional, glamorous and modish, Elie Saab is the designer that will put you on the right track. Fashion guru Elie Saab has once again charmed everyone with his amazing fall/winter 2011/2012 collection, which simply breathes luxury and elegance. Known as […]