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Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trends

Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trends

Fashion changes extremely quickly and sometimes it’s really hard to run after it and reach it, and this is what we love most about it. Some may haven’t even managed to update their wardrobes for the cold season, when fashion designers are already teasing us with new tempting style ideas for the upcoming warm season. […]

Spring/Summer 2012 Color Trends

Spring/Summer 2012 Color Trends

The latest Fashion Weeks brought some really lovely trends with them for the upcoming warm season, yet the foundation, the base of these trends make colors, hues that underline, shape and define each and every creation in the newest collections from our favorite designers. And although you may find it too early to start planning […]

The Connection Between Color & Character

Color and Character

You may have heard that there is a close connection between color and character. The way you dress can tell a lot about your character actually. According to psychologists, the color of clothing pieces that a person chooses depends on several factors. In fact this is not because of the latest fashion tendencies that you […]

Blanco “Color Splash” Summer 2011 Collection

Blanco ”Color Splash” Summer 2011 Collection

Summer is just around the corner with its bright, inspiring, sunny days, and what is a better way to welcome it, than with block-color brights? This is the best time for you to inject some bold, vivid hues into your wardrobe and create flirty, trendy ensembles. Make this sparkling trend essential for you in summer […]