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Beauty Trends for Fall 2012

Beauty Tips | September 24, 2012

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The change of seasons is always the perfect opportunity to refresh your makeup routine as you switch out your closet to cooler weather clothes. This fall there are fun new beauty trends you can try to mix into your everyday routine to spice up your look or give yourself a full makeover. The smoky eye […]

How to Maintain a Healthy Complexion

Life in the city leaves its negative effects. Air pollution, rush, stress, non-stop working and sleep deprivation are big factors that never go unnoticed. The most unpleasant thing is that fatigue affects the health of the body and especially the face. But every day we must again go into battle with a flawless smile and […]

How to Get Rid of Under Eye Circles

Did you know that the dark circles under the eyes are the second most common problems after the appearance of acne? This is because of the fact that getting rid of bruises is harder than dealing with acne. And if the acne is a common problem among the young, dark circles add about 10 years […]

How to Get Rid of Large Pores

It’s every woman’s dream to have flawless, healthy skin, as this is the most important secret to natural beauty. Unlike acne, enlarged pores on the face don’t catch the eye so much, especially if you do a good makeup. Still, they manage to become an additional reason for women’s depression. Besides, oversized pores require certain […]

How to Choose Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

Eco-friendly beauty products are getting more and more popularity nowadays and many fashionizers try to find more ecological ways of pampering their beauty. However, all the labeling and marketing may be a little confusing and many wonder to know how to choose eco-friendly beauty products. There are a few smart beauty tips that will put […]

How To Know That Your Beauty Products Have Expired

Regardless of the price and quality of your beauty products, everything expires one day, after which not only it’s impossible to feel the same effect, but also it becomes dangerous to use such products. Except for the homemade beauty products, which usually get expired sooner, other products purchased at a store feature some signs that […]

Revitalize Your Skin

Our skin goes through a lot every day; it’s rubbed, scratched, itched, covered in make-up and blown with ice cold wind or subject to intense sun and heat. It’s no wonder many of us end up with dry and damaged skin. This is why we have put together a great revitalization skin care regime to […]

Useful Tips on How to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is the excessive hair fall, which leads to thin hair. Although seasonal changes affect this a lot, there are also certain factors, such as chemical based hair products, hormonal imbalance, prolonged use of birth control pills, chemotherapy and wrong eating habits, which boost hair loss. In order to prevent hair loss and get […]

Tips for Smooth Legs Post-Shave

Becoming a smooth operator when it comes to shaving legs is certainly essential, as a woman’s legs are to be silky like, flawless and without any single unwanted hair. Actually, it may sound to be quite easy to shave legs, as this is the most painless and easiest way of getting rid of unwanted hair. […]

Easy Ways to Make Eyelashes Longer

No one will deny that a woman’s eyes are so alluring, seductive and tell a lot about her personality. And we also should accept that those eyes look even more alluring and seductive, if she has long and thick eyelashes. Well, if nature hasn’t granted you with this gift, there are so many ways to […]

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