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Victoria’s Secret Limited Edition Bombshell Summer Fragrance

Fashion, Perfumes & Makeup | April 6, 2018

Victoria’s Secret just released the bold and bright Limited Edition Bombshell Summer fragrance, that is ready for the hottest summer ever.

Bombshell Summer is “an ultra-bright, sun-drenched twist on our #1 fragrance. The scent of exotic petals and energizing grapefruit on a sparkling beach,” says Victoria’s Secret’s description. With notes of¬†Grapefruit, Black Currant, and Lily of the Valley.

The collection of Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Summer fragrance includes an Eau de Parfum, Body Mist, Body Lotion, Powder Oil and a Bombshell & Bombshell Rollerball Duo.

The whole Limited Edition Bombshell Summer fragrance collection is available for purchase now at Victoria’s Secret.