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Victoria’s Secret Limited Edition Bombshell Summer Fragrance

Fashion, Perfumes & Makeup | April 6, 2018

Victoria’s Secret just released the bold and bright Limited Edition Bombshell Summer fragrance, that is ready for the hottest summer ever.

Bombshell Summer is “an ultra-bright, sun-drenched twist on our #1 fragrance. The scent of exotic petals and energizing grapefruit on a sparkling beach,” says Victoria’s Secret’s description. With notes of Grapefruit, Black Currant, and Lily of the Valley.

The collection of Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Summer fragrance includes an Eau de Parfum, Body Mist, Body Lotion, Powder Oil and a Bombshell & Bombshell Rollerball Duo.

The whole Limited Edition Bombshell Summer fragrance collection is available for purchase now at Victoria’s Secret.