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Rouge Bunny Rouge A Cappella Makeup Collection for Fall 2011

Natural makeup looks always look amazing, pure and sophisticated and seem to never get out of trend. It is one of the hottest makeup trends for fall 2011 too and is best presented by Rouge Bunny Rouge in their latest collection, called Rouge Bunny Rouge A Cappella makeup collection. So if you want to look utterly sweet and feminine, go for the pure nude makeup look with the help of amazingly soft makeup products from Rouge Bunny Rouge, complementing all skin tones.

It’s not necessary to use tones of makeup to look stylish and stunning, all you need is a flawless skin and highlighted features. The main objective of this collection is to grant you with that innocent natural look through warm and soft hues that look extremely fresh and simply takes breath away. Select these Rouge Bunny Rouge products and highlight your natural beauty.
For the complexion
Covering small imperfections of your skin is the basic step for acquiring natural makeup look that radiated freshness and beauty. A Capella’s complexion products contain all the important formulas for a perfect, uniform skin, so opt for:
• DELIQUESCE – Make-up Melt Cleanser
• METAMORPHOSES – Mattifiying Primer
• NAKED DISGUISE – Glide Concealer available in 3 shades
• FINE SPUN LIGHT – Luminous Skin Wand available in 2 shades
For the eyes
Slightly underlined eyes look just amazing, so boost the beauty of your eyes, using these sophisticated and illuminating hues that will give your eyes a dewy, fresh and youthful look. The new eye products from Rouge Bunny Rouge include:
• EYES WIDE OPEN – Brightening Liner Duo
• SILK AETHER – Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadow in Brocade Skipper which adds a touch of warm color to the lid
• SMITHEREENS OF STARS – Eye Gloss Angels Play which gives an angelic dewy shimmer look to the eyes
For the cheeks & lips
Boost the healthy glow and natural flush of your skin, give a touch of makeup and color to your complexion, by going for these must have products for a natural look. Choose Rouge Bunny Rouge’s:
• JOYS & DESIRES – Decadent Duo in Flamenco – Duende
• SWELL BLISS XXX – Lip Plump Gloss
With the help of the wonderful Rouge Bunny Rouge A Cappella makeup collection you’ll succeed in getting natural shining looks for any occasion.


Photo courtesy of Rouge Bunny Rouge