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New Katy Perry x COVERGIRL Glam Collection

COVERGIRL introduces an all new Katy Perry Glam collection with brand new shades of Katy Kat gloss + glitter lip kits, lush lashes, and two new eye shadow palettes.

The Katy Perry x COVERGIRL collection includes:

Katy Kat Gloss, a shiny lipgloss with moisturizing feel in 12 shades: Catnip, Ninth Life, Wine Feline, Candy Cat, Kitty Karma, Tabby Tease, Cateloupe, Pounce, Indigo Cat, Purple Paws, Cobalt Kitty, White Catillac.

Katy Kat Glam Gloss & Boddy Glitter Kit in 5 shade duos: Ninth Life, Inigo Kat, Cateloupe, Kitty Karma, and Cobalt Kitty.

Katy Kat Wink False Lashes: GraphiKat, Fluffy Kat and Kat Whiskers

Katy Kat Eyeshadow Palette with 10 shades: Cool Kat and Hot Kat

Check out the whole Katy Perry x COVERGIRL collection now with brand new colors and find where to shop at COVERGIRL.