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New Guerlain Météorites Happy Glow Pearls

Beauty Tips, Perfumes & Makeup | January 13, 2017

The French cosmetic brand Guerlain introduces the new Météorites Happy Glow Pearls of powder to delicately color-correct and illuminate the complexion.

“The color signature of the mythical, handcrafted pearls intensifies for a fresh spring glow—shimmering pink with multicolored reflection for the ultimate glow, soft mauve to catch light and matte pink to revive the complexion. Combined with mini champagne pearls, they create a universal harmony that enlighten the complexion with radiance and a perfecting halo,” says Guerlain’s description.

For best application results, apply Guelain Météorites Happy Glow Pearls with a powder brush evenly all of the face to fix makeup and improve hold. Also highlight cheekbones and other prominent areas of face for a boost of radiance.

The new Guerlain Météorites Happy Glow Pearls is available now at Nordstrom.