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New Gently Off Wipes + Micellar Water from M·A·C

Beauty Tips, Perfumes & Makeup | October 6, 2017

M·A·C introduces new convenient disposable towelette Gently Off Wipes + Micellar Water to remove face and eye makeup. “Created specifically for sensitive skin and eyes, these non-irritating towelettes gently remove makeup, leaving the face clean, refreshed and conditioned,” says the M·A·C description.

The Gently Off wipe will swipe away makeup, smudges, dirt and grime while calming skin instead of stripping and stressing. The addition of saline-balanced isotonic water helps to both cleanse and sooth skin at the same time.

To use the Gently Off Wipes + Micellar Water remove a wipe from the pack and swipe over face and eyes. No rinsing needed. Be sure to reseal the package to keep your towelette fresh.

Gently Off Wipes + Micellar Water are available to purchase now in a bulk pack of 100 at M·A·C Cosmetics.