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New Essie Gel Couture Avant-Garde Collection

Beauty Tips, Perfumes & Makeup | September 18, 2018

“The New Essie Gel Couture Avant-Garde Collection pushes colorful boundaries with shades like a fabulous dandelion yellow, lovely blue and radiant orange,” says Essie. The rules are, there are none! With six vibrant new shades, embrace your experimental side.

The six new Essie Gel Couture Avant-Garde Collection colors are:

  • What’s the Stitch: a lilac purple with a blush pink
  • Dye-Mentions: powder blue
  • Avant-Garment: dandelion yellow
  • Exhibit A-Line: radiant marigold orange with hints of vermillion red
  • Bold Boundaries: candied crimson red
  • Set the Seam: rich, modern plum purple

Essie’s Gel Couture polish is a simple two-step manicure you can do at home. Step 1: apply two coats of gel couture color. Step 2: apply gel couture top coat. Let dry and you’re done!

See all the details and find your favorite Gel Couture Avant-Garde Collection color now at Essie.