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Guerlain to Launch New Noir G de Guerlain Mascara

Guerlain to Launch New Noir G de Guerlain Mascara

A renowned name in the fashion and beauty industry, Guerlain decided to revitalize a woman’s cosmetic products and come up with a brand new formula, a new mascara that will meet the needs of the modern woman. Noir G de Guerlain is the name of this novelty, which is certainly going to become a must have in your beauty kit. Check out the new mascara signed Guerlain and prep to boost your lashes to the max!

Since a woman not only needs a high quality mascara to look right, but also a mirror to apply it flawlessly, Guerlain has created a new design of its mascara, which is inspired by its own makeup product, the Rouge G de Guerlain designed by Lorenz Bäumer. The Noir G de Guerlain mascara will feature a black packaging, a refillable compact tube with a pop-up mirror, thus becoming the thing to carry with you everywhere you go.
Bäumer told WWD that the packaging of the innovative mascara was created out of Zamac with black lacquer, since this material reflects the color of the product contained. The designer also added that the design for the lipstick, Rouge G, inspired by a gold ingot, came up to “push the idea yet further”.
The new design of the mascara comes from the “need”, as according to Olivier Echaudemaison, global creative director for Guerlain: “There are two products for which you absolutely need a mirror: lipstick and mascara. We have now solved both.”
Moreover, the designer wanted to create an “excessively simple” to open mascara, and as a result we have one with the liquid formula and brush being changeable together. Thus you’ll be able to save money, while making the best out of your eyes. The mascara and compact together will cost approximately $49, while refills will retail for $26.
The new Noir G de Guerlain mascara features a stunning blend of waxes that can add volume and length to your lashes with easy and smooth strokes. It also features polymer as a protective coat, which is activated once the water contained in the formula evaporates. In addition to this all, Noir G de Guerlain contains artemia salina, an ingredient with lash regenerating properties, which will revitalize cells and make keratin produce. However, this isn’t all yet! The amazing black colored mascara will also feature a lovely subtle scent of peach, rose, jasmine and white musk.
Noir G de Guerlain will hit the shelves in January 2012, so get ready to grab one quickly, as with so many stunning features it’s not going to stay there for long undoubtedly!

Photos courtesy of WWD

Photographed by Thomas Iannaccone