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Givenchy Dahlia Noir Fragrance

With the new season behind the door, everyone would like to get a new fragrance and for that reason one of the luxury labels Givenchy is preparing to launch a new perfume, called Dahlia Noir, which is the first fragrance ever launched under the command of the famous designer Riccardo Tisci. Dahlia Noir is presumed to be launched in August, 2011. The beautiful Italian super model Mariacarla Boscono has been chosen as the face of the scent, who has previously successfully presented the brand. Discover this new melody of elegance and sophistication and see if the scent matches your tastes.

The newest scent of Givenchy is very intriguing, with some notes of mysteriousness and sophistication. Mandarin, pink pepper, mimosa, rose, iris and patchouli combo are the main ingredients of the scent, forming a harmonious bouquet and sandalwood, vanilla and tonka bean make the basis of Dahlia Noir. It’s an extremely sensual scent, capable to arouse a great interest and leave room for imaginations and dreams.
As for the bottle, capturing this ethereal fragrance, it’s quite simple and elegant, designed with a minimalistic approach. The name of Givenchy is stamped on the front part of the bottle, and Dahlia Noir is displayed on a silver plate on top of the bottle. Dahla Noir will be available in Eau de Parfum Spray 30, 50 and 75 ml.

Dahlia Noir is said to be very haunting, which is supposed to be connected with the advertising campaign of it. It is consumed that the advertising photo is inspired by Elisabeth Short, who got the nickname of “Black Dahlia”, after her sever murder, which remained unsolved and which received a lot of media attention. This fact can be a rather sensitive topic for the customers. Anyways, we’ll wait for the official launch of the advertising campaign and see what success the fragrance will have.

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