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Dior Fall 2011 Blue Tie Makeup Collection

“Navy blue is the only color which can ever compete with black”. Exactly this idea does support Christian Dior in its latest limited edition makeup collection for fall 2011, titled “Blue Tie”. What makes this collection so luxurious and alluring is the high dose of femininity, elegance and sophistication, brought out through universally flattering tones of intense blue color. With such dazzling and breathtaking tones, suggested by Dior, you’ll no longer feel sad about the arrival of fall. Instead, you’ll start experimenting with these intense shades to get a head-turning and versatile look even in the gloomy season of fall. From the fabulous shades to the luxurious packaging, the Dior fall 2011 Blue Tie makeup collection leads!

Actually, in the new Dior Blue Tie makeup collection, Dior Makeup Ambassador Andrew Gallimore reflects some elements, peculiar to the Minaudiere collection released by the same brand. The collection features the following high quality and fabulous products:
Blue Tie Star Palettes
The collection brings two limited edition Blue Tie Star Palettes, each of which consists of 4 eyeshadows. Two of the eyeshadows can create more dramatic or more subtle variations of the famous smoky eye look. The 001 Smoking Blue and 002 Smoking White ($70) are captured in a classy and luxurious metallic case, alongside with two double tip applicators that will ensure a flawless application of your eyeshadows.
To get perfectly sculpted cheekbones, pick up one of the amazing pink blush shades of Dior, called DiorBlush ($42) – Vintage Pink (839), Pink in Love (889). These are also limited edition.
3-Couleurs Smoky Eyeshadow
The 3-Couleurs Smoky Eyeshadow ($48) will be available exclusively on the official Dior website and will feature the following shades:
• Smoky Pink (051)
• Smoky Black (091)
• Smoky Navy (291)
• Smoky Khaki (481)
• Smoky Nude (571)
• Smoky Brown (781)

Waterproof Liner
To complete your stunning eye makeup, turn to the Waterproof Liner ($29), which is also available exclusively at Dior. Select your favorite hue from:
• Slate (058)
• Carbon (098)
• Navy (178)
• Mint (468)
• Chestnut (788)
• Plum (888
The Dior Vernis collection will bring three fab limited edition nail polishes that harmoniously go with the overall spirit of the collection. Select your favorite option from Safari Beige (219), Tuxedo (908) and Blue Denim (607).

Rouge Dior Lipcolor & Rouge Serum Crystal
Since no makeup will be considered so highly seductive without an impressive lip color shade, Dior presents new memorable lip color shades. Rouge Dior Lipcolor ($32) will provide a delicate look, perfectly going with your eye makeup. 314 Angélique Beige, 428 Pisanelle Pink, 651 Tourbillion Pink and 741 Allegro Pink will help you create a mesmerizing style, differing from others.
Additionally, the brand introduces a new lipstick formula, which, unlike all the other products in the collection, isn’t a limited edition. The new shades are granted with a touch of shimmer that will make your lips simply irresistible. The Rouge Serum Crystal ($34) features these fabulous tones: 215 Primrose Crystal, 455 Tea Rose Crystal, 645 Sweet Pink Crystal and 675 Passionate Pink Crystal.



Photo courtesy of Christian Dior