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The Classic Bain de Soleil® Sunscreens

Beauty Tips, Lifestyle | June 29, 2017

Bain De Soleil

Bain de Soleil® continues to deliver sunscreen products that pamper your skin and provide fabulous, radiant color. The brand reached the US from Europe in the 1940s and to this day, there is no other sunscreen like it. Originally introduced as Antoine’s Bain de Soleil, the orange gelèe silky dark tanning formula was developed in 1925 because of the bronzed-skin fashion trend, from trend-setting Coco Chanel.

Orange Gelèe® Sunscreen with SPF 4 is the classic formula with a silky, emollient gel and leaves skin glowing, with the signature Bain de Soleil® that is elegant and and much more enjoyable unlike any typical sunscreens.

The Mega Tan® SPF 4 is a sunscreen lotion application with self tanner and delivers a natural boost of bronze color in a single afternoon. With moisturizers and botanical extracts it helps keep skin soft and smooth.

The Bain de Soleil® sunscreens are incredible products to develop gorgeous, summer-bronzed skin, but it’s important to note these products do NOT prevent skin cancer or early skin aging. View the sunscreen information and where to buy at Bain de Soleil®