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Runway Nail Art Ideas

The warm season is not only about colors in fashion, but also makeup and nails. It has been numerously proved that this year color splash is highly appreciated and if you really want to look groovy and voguish on hot summer days, just follow this fantastic fashion trend. Dapper nail polishes and catchy nail art designs tell so much about your style and preferences. And once again the variety of colors and designs has intruded into this interesting sphere. Though wacky may sound quite unattractive, it is really very trendy this year in terms of nail art design. If you strive to bring out your wild side, take a look at the hottest runway nail art ideas, fuse various catchy bold colors and make a real statement with your revitalized look. Turn to shades, matching your skin tone and interests and become a trendsetter in beauty.

Various designs have been spotted on the runway this year, from neutral to neon and metallic nails, from more modest to a wild color mix. Lots of prints and patterns are used, proving that nail art design is also a real art.
One of the most popular nail art designs is the half moon or French manicure this year. It can be worn either alone or combined with another matchy color. You can experiment with various bright colors and get fantastic combinations.
Another hot nail art is crackle nail art, combined with minx stickers. All you have to do to achieve a groovy effect is to think big, when selecting the color shade. Add a glam touch to your appearance with the mesmerizing nail art designs you choose and pay a special attention to your outfits and the event.

Take a look at the photos from the famous catwalks and draw some inspiration to create a trendy nail art design. You can find here both simple and easy-to-create designs and a little bit complicated ones, which may require some decorating techniques. Don’t underestimate your creative talent and begin practicing your beauty skills to amaze everyone with your fabulous nails.

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