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Rachel Zoe Offers Some Fashion Advice!

Take it or leave it. Hollywood fashion stylist turned designer, Rachel Zoe, offered some helpful fashion advice to Glamour. It’s hard for some to tolerate the massive personality stored in the tiny person Rachel Zoe it. But if you’re any type of fashionista you can trust or respect her perspective and advice in fashion.
As far as the latest trends go, Rachel Zoe suggests it’s important to trend lightly. When a specific style or trend comes to light, it’s important to interpret the trend to YOU to accommodate your personality and style. For example, if tweed suits are in trend, but you’re not the type to wear a suit, pair a tweed jacket with your favorite pair of denim.

Alterations are key when it comes to impeccable fashion. One of Rachel Zoe’s biggest pet peeves is when someone wears pants that are too short. Zoe’s rule of thumb is the bottom of the pant should “skim the ground.” It’s true really; when you see someone with pants too short you’re first reaction is “are they waiting for a flood?” In a perfect world you could have a pair of pants for both heels and flats, but when you have choose to wear heels you have to commit says Zoe.
Another peeve of Zoe’s is when people “mix hardware” meaning to not to mix the metal hardware of your accessories. For example, if you’re carrying a purse with gold hardware, do not pair it with a belt with gold hardware. Simple, really.
Whether you love or hate Rachel Zoe, she is a fashion force to be reckoned with. Her advice is wise, and should be considered by all.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images