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New Twilight Breaking Dawn Full Trailer Released

After releasing a 15 second teaser trailer of the upcoming Twilight movie Breaking Dawn, the promoters finally let the big fans take a sneak-peek of the plot by unveiling a new full length trailer. Two and a half minutes of breathtaking scenes will hook you and increase the excitement, keeping you all in expectations until November 18!

Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 1 of the movie shows the beautiful scene of Edward and Bella’s vows and wedding, as well as Jacob saying a farewell to his beloved girl. However, things heat up quickly, taking an unexpected turn. If people anticipated that Bella and Edward will eternally be happy with each other, the pregnancy news came as a shocker.
The full trailer reveals that the baby Edward and Bella are going to have is unexpected, and it’s too strong for Bella, endangering her life. A half-breed is something new and no one actually knows what to do with this. And here come the wolves, taking the matter into their hands and deciding to kill Bella.

Since the baby is growing extremely rapidly in Bella’s womb, she’s getting weaker and weaker day by day. Dr. Cullen informs her that her heart will stop even before she’ll give birth to the child. However, Bella wants to hold strong for as long as possible, so that her baby will be born healthy.
With the wolf pack out to “slaughter” Bella and her unborn baby, things are getting worse and worse and the trailer ends as Bella is seen collapsing, while Edward rushes to rescue her. “Forever is just the beginning” is the title of the first part of the Breaking Dawn, so be ready for lots of exciting, intriguing and breathtaking scenes.
How do you thing the movie will end?


Photo courtesy of Getty Images