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New Skin Scanner for Neutrogena Skin360™

Beauty Tips, Lifestyle | December 14, 2018

Neutrogena just released the new Skin Scanner for Neutrogena Skin360™, the most advanced, at-home, all-in-one, personalized skin analysis available. It’s a REALLY scientific selfie.

According to Neutrogena, “Neutrogena Skin360™ analyzes your skin closer than ever before to tell you exactly what your skin needs⁠—⁠no more guesswork. Understand your skin with a personalized Skin360 Score, track and measure changes over time and achieve your best looking skin ever.”

The 8 LED lights create a precise lighting environment for skin scanning while a 30x zoom lens measures and magnifies pores and fine lines and measures moisture too!

Shop the Skin Scanner for Neutrogena Skin360™ available now at Neutrogena, and check out the video below for how it works!