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ToryTrack Hybrid Smartwatch Collection from Tory Burch

Accessories, Fashion, Lifestyle | November 30, 2017

Tory Burch introduces ToryTrack Hybrid Smartwatch Collection where time, style and technology meet! The first Tory Burch smartwatch syncs with the ToryTrack app to keep you connected and allows you to track your activity and sleep, receive emails and texts, control your music, take photos and more!

Tory Burch released the new ToryTrack Hybrid Smartwatch in four styles seen above. The watch styles combine Tory Burch’s signature design elements with technology in an elegant way to keep connected.

Discover more about ToryTrack Day in the Life with Stylist Chriselle Lim here. Download the ToryTrack app compatible with iOS and Android to sync the smartwatch. Shop all 4 new ToryTrack Hybrid Smartwatches now at Tory Burch starting at $250.