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The Brand New CHANEL Camellia Water Cream

Beauty Tips, Fashion | April 25, 2019

Introducing the brand new CHANEL Camellia Water Cream, a hydrating and even-toning fluid with illuminating properties to make a splash with your glow.

The CHANEL description says Camellia Water Cream features “a lightweight fluid texture, this refreshing face moisturizer is drenched in Camellia Water to intensely hydrate skin. The illuminating formula leaves the complexion prepped for makeup with a glowing, even-toned appearance.”

Camellia Alba PFA* is a key ingredient in the product, which is an extract that helps skin maintain optimal moisture levels and replenishes skin for an intense plumping effect. Other key ingredients of CHANEL Camellia Water Cream include the magical moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid, brightening Vitamins C and E and Blue Ginger PFA*.

Give your skin the ultimate hydration it deserves. Shop the brand new CHANEL Camellia Water Cream available now from CHANEL.