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Sunless Tanning with Body Drench Quick Tan

Beauty Tips, Fashion, Lifestyle | March 1, 2019

There are so many options for sunless tanners these days because of skin cancer awareness, but it leaves us still wanting a healthy alternative without the harm of UV rays. As a rule of thumb, if you are fair skinned, you should steer clear of some drug store brand lotions as they will likely make you look more orange than tan. Here are some helpful sunless tanning tips to keep you glowing.

Prep: For a fresh even sunless tan, it is really important to exfoliate your skin beforehand to remove flakey or dead skin. After showering, you may want to apply a light moisturizer to any dry areas like feet, knees, elbows as a barrier before the tan.

Sunless Products: For beginners, a gradual tanning lotion is a great way to start because as the days go on you can control the color of your tan and also see how effective the solution is. Other full-strength tanning solutions will work faster, and will need to fade before reapplying. Products are available as lotions, foams, and sprays. Obviously lotions and foams are easier to apply, but you have to ensure and even application to prevent streaking. The spray solutions, like Body Drench QuickTan are incredibly effective and give a really nice glow, but it’s best to apply a tanning spray in the shower to protect any surfaces in your home from the product.

Touch Up and Fixing: Sunless tanners are not permanent and can be lightened or removed. If there’s a darker line somewhere you can try to lighten it up using a lemon wedge. For darker spots on dry skin like feet, try soaking in warm water and scrubbing lightly to reduce the contrast.

Skip the pain of the sunburn and the hours in the dangerous UV rays and get glowing with a sunless tanner. Hopefully these tips will help!

Photo credit: Body Drench