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Poète Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Do you love sweet girlish style, expressed though romantic flowers, candy colors, flowing fabrics, ruffles, lace, pleats and silk? If you belong to the group of romantic fashionizers, you’ll definitely answer positively to this question. In this case you can highlight your fashion romanticism and femininity only with the help of the famous Spanish label Poète and its new spring/summer 2011 collection. It’s so sweet and fresh, so fragile and poetic! Once you take a look at the collection, you can hardly resist your wish to get all those pretty, chic and feminine dresses that will drop a poetic bomb into your wardrobe. Take a glimpse at the Poète spring/summer 2011 collection and learn the art of fashion poetry.

There is nothing loud and screaming about this collection, yet it’s so sophisticated, unique and amazing. Simplicity is the main trait of Poète spring/summer 2011 collection, which is so appreciated this season. From innocent whites and nudes to girly and catchy details, the new Poète collection has everything to satisfy the fashion demands of a romantic girl.

The campaign photos themselves tell so much about this delicate collection, shot on a sweet background, covered with millions of flowers. You can see lots of lace, bows, ruffles and candy pinks in Poète spring/summer 2011 collection, which will add an angelic touch to your appearance. And a few details in red break the entire image with a ladylike vibe, making a wonderful accent shade. You can find anything that a whimsical fashionizer may dream of to create a mild, simple, yet effective and dreamy look on warm, breezy summer days.
If poetry is that much close to your heart, express your inner feelings through the sophisticated and feminine pieces, Poète spring/summer 2011 collection features.

Photos ©  tiendapoete