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Petit Bateau Spring 2012 Lookbook

Petit Bateau Spring 2012 Lookbook

As soon as temperature is getting to more or less comfortable values, we all start fantasizing about lazy, warm summer days spent on a sandy beach in the company of the sun and the sea. And certainly we picture ourselves in super-stylish bikini, shorts and flirty dresses, as style should be with us everywhere. If you want to fully indulge into this fantasy world, take a peek at the beautiful scenery the French brand Petit Bateau is demonstrating. Add a little bit of French girl sophistication and romanticism into your summer outfits in the upcoming season by drawing inspiration from the ultra-chic Petit Bateau Spring 2012 lookbook. Let your lips whisper Petit Bateau and make firm steps into the new fashion season, which will ooze out all effortless sophistication!

French women have managed to always cause jealousy and envy in other women with their relaxed, careless, yet exciting and delicate dress code and it’s no surprise that any fashion collection capturing this essence comes to be a huge success. The spring 2012 collection by Petit Bateau seems to be all about this idea, bringing casual chic ensembles with a subtle minimalism that simply dazzles.
As the French brand dictates, stripes are going to rule in the upcoming season. Thin, thick, contrasting or easily blended with the clothing pieces, stripes are presented in numerous ways in the Petit Bateau Spring 2012 collection, and come to be the easiest way of adding a fun touch to your outfits. Think simple, sporty short dresses and skirts, sweaters and t-shirts in stripes and you are sure to draw lots of positive attention this spring.

As Petit Bateau tries to show, accessories aren’t necessary to be too attention-grabbing to enhance an outfit. Simplicity always rules in fashion, so go for cute bandanas or chic espadrille flats, if you want to leave a powerful positive impression. Just pay attention to the tones you select and dazzle with a nice balance between contrast and versatility.
When it comes to the right swimwear, the Petit Bateau Spring 2012 lookbook conveys the same simple, yet effective approach by focusing on comfort, decency and minimalism. There are on-trend one piece bathing suits and more revealing two piece styles, which you’ll absolutely adore. No one will deny that the sweet French atmosphere is throughout the enchanting Petit Bateau Spring 2012 lookbook!

Photo courtesy of Petit Bateau