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Nicholas K Spring/Summer 2012 – New York Fashion Week

Limitless fantasy in incredible creations, great designing talent and a special fashion-filled air bewitch everyone and call to the Spring/Summer 2012 New York Fashion Week. World famous designers, who make their way into the history of fashion surprise and charm with super innovative designs, unexpected color and fabric choices. To this end, the Nicholas K brand has its unique place in the Fashion Week, as it really impressed with its best creations and the fabulous styles displayed.

Layering becomes the dominating detail of the Nicholas K spring/summer 2012 collection, bringing incredible style alternatives that serve as an endless source of inspiration for voguish fashionizers. Modern gypsy became the muse for the collection, a collection that pretty much speaks for itself and reveals a variety of gorgeous style influences.
The famous designer siblings Nicholas and Christopher Kunz flooded the catwalk with asymmetry hemlines, cropped capes, airy fabrics, compelling color combos, silken layers, sheer dresses, cropped ponchos, silk gowns, long colorful head scarfs and monochrome nomadic leather platforms with a strong urban vibe. The collection had kind of a futuristic accent, brought through a lovely bunch of warm and vibrant earth tones.
The unexpected combos and incredible details, featured in the Nicholas K spring/summer 2012 collection hint that the warm season of 2012 is going to be highly elegant, gentle, refined and extremely exciting. Get prepared slowly, never overlooking the striking fall/winter trends!

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