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New Tory Burch Gigi Touchscreen Smartwatch

Accessories, Fashion | October 26, 2018

Discover the new Tory Burch Gigi Touchscreen Smartwatch, the first in the designer’s collection featuring custom dial faces, activity tracking, communication alerts and more.



The three colors available for the new Gigi Touchscreen Smartwatch are gold-tone stainless steel, stainless steel, and black-tone stainless steel.

“The ToryTrack Collection: Time + Style + Technology. The new Gigi Touchscreen Smartwatch combines world-class technology with a personal touch,” according to The smartwatch is compatible with iPhone® and Android™ phones with great features including instantly receive text, calendar and email alerts; track heart rate, health and fitness goals; download and play music.

Shop the newest ToryTrack Gigi Touchscreen Smartwatch now at Tory Burch.