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Michael Kors Access Smartwatches

Accessories, Fashion | March 28, 2019

Michael Kors has launched an entirely new category of wearable tech with the Access smartwatch. The Michael Kors Access smartwatch is “a smartwatch that seamlessly fuses fashion and technology. Powered by Android Wearâ„¢, this innovative design is equipped with multiple animated display faces, fitness tracking, text and email alerts.” 

The latest Michael Kors Runway smartwatch features Google Fit and Spotify functionality to power up your favorite playlist.

The timepieces are powered by Androidwear and are style that will keep you connected. With the new smartchwatches you can “personalize the touchscreen to match your mood, receive updates from your social circle, track your fitness goals and more,” says the Michael Kors description.

Michael Kors Access smartwatches are available for both men and women. Shop the whole collection of Smartwatches now at Michael Kors.