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Luca Luca Spring/Summer 2012- New York Fashion Week

The fashion train moves on through New York Fashion Week and this time we stop on Luca Luca. Elegance, femininity, sophistication and refinement are the first words that come to our minds first, after taking a look at the stunning Luca Luca Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Making sensuality as the focal point for the collection, Raul Melgoza created super-sophisticated combinations with a modern twist, which will certainly be ranked as some of the hottest looks of the next season. So delicate, intuitive and classy, the ensembles presented instantly reveal the artistic vision of the brand for the upcoming warm season.
“I was thinking about sensuality and femininity of a strong woman,” stated Luca Luca designer, Raul Melgoza.

Bright flashy hues and monochromatic outfits dominated the catwalk, while subtle prints and stripes came to inject some interest into the toned down looks. Turquoise, royal blue, lime green, light grey served as perfect colors for bold, modern looks. Delicate fabrics, such as satin, chiffon, charmeuse and gabardine are the main materials used for creating those luxurious and alluring outfits, while colorful rhinestone come to add a fun twist to the classic combos.
Evening gowns were no less impressive than the other options in the collection and they followed the same guideline that defined less formal looks. High splits are the distinctive feature used to increase sexuality and make the gowns look daring, still extremely refined. All the looks presented in the Luca Luca Spring/Summer 2012 collection are so fresh and youthful, that they instantly become perfect style alternatives for the first glimmers of spring sunshine.

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