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Guy Laroche Spring 2012 – Paris Fashion Week

In comparison to the bold prints, wild colors and edgy styles present during Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week brought more toned down and carefully controlled looks that will be much easier to translate into real life outfits. Actually this is what attracts more attention in the fashion world and the Guy Laroche spring 2012 collection, showcased during the spring/summer 2012 Paris Fashion Week, is undoubtedly designed with this concept in mind. With a certain sporty flair and a straight forward approach, the Guy Laroche spring 2012 collection brings fabulous ensembles for the new season that don’t go over the top, yet are alluring and interesting in their way.

Following the footprints of the last year collection, Marcel Marongiu, the creative director for Guy Laroche, presented a soft and sophisticated approach in his new collection for spring/summer 2012. No more than two materials were used on most of the outfits, and the looks contained a high dose of refinement and elegance. Subtle ruffles, decentered necklines, abstract print styles, leather skirts and form fitting dresses are the main ingredients of the collection that instantly capture a generous amount of positive attention, showing a great potential to become mainstream style directions for the upcoming season. The strong accent on femininity in the overall collection becomes vivid thanks to the abundance of various skirt and dress designs, while the high split has been adopted by the brand to create a more seductive approach.
In terms of color, Guy Laroche mostly goes for versatile colors, such as khaki, navy, grey, whites, yellow or soft orange. Unsurprisingly, accessories are kept more discreet, matching things with the fairly subdued color palette. As a result, accessories perfectly blend with the rest of the outfits, rather than become strong focal points.
When it comes to practical, elegant, feminine and much refined looks, the Guy Laroche spring 2012 collection is certainly going to lead in the upcoming warm season.

Photo courtesy of WWD