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Guess Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook

If you wish to always look interesting and different without changing your style, it’s mandatory to add a slight variety to your casual chic style, which will undoubtedly keep you on top of the latest fashion trends. Luckily nowadays there are so many fashion brands, representing the newest fashion trends, that anybody will be able to find something close to his or her heart. If your goal is to sport a radiant look adding a certain touch of uniqueness to your outfit and set a fabulous, mysterious appearance that always keeps the surrounding people guessing, believe me, the new Guess Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook is what you’ve been looking for so far.

The Guess Spring 2011 Lookbook features almost all of the hottest trends, coming in a parade of fashion pieces full of youthful spirit and simplicity, which creates a harmonious chic and extremely eye-catching look. The always accepted denim, romantic stripes, polka dots, ruffles, wide leg pants and cutie shorts are among the main fashion trends, characterizing the new lookbook of Guess. It’s extremely easy to create a stylish look, just turning to some layering techniques and finally flavoring your outfit with matchy fashion accessories.

The color palette of the entire collection is quite basic, however, thanks to the versatility of apparels and accessories, you can easily mix and match different fashion pieces and sport a highly glamorous look, establishing different focal points. Choose a pair of stylish skinny jeans, pair them with a simple, yet effective blouse with stripes, add some summerish allure with the help of trendy sunglasses and match some high heels, setting a seductive and mysterious look. The rolled up jeans can be stylishly matched with some fashion items and easily give you a simple, yet trendy look, without taking much effort.
Switch on your style imagination and play with the rich array of apparels. Choose Guess Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook and create cheerful and flirty outfits in a heartbeat.


Photos ©  Stylescoop, Hypriestess