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Claudia Schiffer Spring 2012 Fashion Collection

Claudia Schiffer Spring 2012 Fashion Collection

Claudia Schiffer isn’t only a successful and beautiful model, a real legend, whom hardly anyone wouldn’t know. She has now turned her attention from modeling to designing, as her second knitwear collection for spring 2012 is already getting unveiled. Her great experience in fashion and her own unique style sense have helped Claudia a lot in launching her already second fashion line with the supermodel’s style imprinted all over. Effortless chicness envelops each and every design from the newest Claudia Schiffer Spring 2012 fashion collection, so skim through the utterly wearable, comfortable and stylish designs and pick your favorites!

The 8 piece fashion collection signed Claudia Schiffer oozes out a strong vintage vibe, as for this collection Claudia has drawn inspiration from English born actress/singer Jane Birkin, about which Claudia states: “She’s always been my inspiration, in a lot of ways, for the way I dress. It feels effortless.”
From relaxed, loose pieces to form fitting designs, the new Claudia Schiffer Spring 2012 collection features various stylish fashion items for any body type, trying to make the best out of a woman’s waist, legs and body. Stylish vintage vibe dresses cut inches above the knees speak about the youthful and playful appeal of the entire line, while loose fitting maxi crochet dresses come to give a more laid back touch to it, a nice option for both uptown and downtown girls.

There are also cool linen and silk combo fabrics used, which inject a more lightweight feel into the collection, while the pale colors, such as nude, soft pink, mellow orange, soft green, light gray and yellow, emphasize the vintage, soft style of the pieces. The new Claudia Schiffer Spring 2012 collection is definitely worth considering, while building up your new season wardrobe!

Photos courtesy of WWD